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Laser Gum Therapy

Modern technology designed to help quickly treat gum disease.

We have invested in up-to-date laser technology to provide you with the very best and most comfortable dental care.

Our dental laser is a versatile piece of equipment suitable for a range of procedures and can treat hard tissues like bone and teeth and soft tissues such as your gums.

The laser produces a beam of energy that allows us to remove hard and soft structures extremely precisely during treatment that is faster and more comfortable for our patients. Afterwards, healing is quicker with less discomfort. Often, it is unnecessary to use dental anesthesia during laser dentistry.

We use our argon laser in a variety of treatments. These include preparing teeth for fillings. Laser gum therapy is especially effective for treating gum infections, a condition called gum disease which unfortunately is very common.

Replacing a conventional dental drill

Because our argon laser can treat hard and soft tissues, it can replace a dental drill when removing dental decay and reshaping damaged areas in preparation for dental fillings.

Our laser is often very useful when treating smaller teeth, where it is tricky to use an ordinary drill. Laser treatment is far quieter than a dental drill, which is nicer for everyone and especially for anyone who experiences anxiety when hearing a drill.

Using Laser Gum Therapy to treat gum disease

Laser gum therapy is gentle and less invasive than other gum treatments while destroying harmful pathogens, inflammatory molecules and toxins that cause periodontitis.

Gum disease is a bacterial infection, causing inflammation in the gums and surrounding tissues, including the jawbone. Mild gum disease, called gingivitis, is easily reversible with improved oral care. More advanced gum disease, called periodontitis, is much harder to cure and can require ongoing treatment.

Periodontitis results in gums beginning to recede and pull away from teeth, creating gaps called periodontal pockets between teeth and gums. The periodontal pockets are too deep to be cleaned effectively with a toothbrush and provide the ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive.

We can use the dental laser to precisely remove gum tissue that is too badly infected to heal while preserving the maximum amount of healthy gum tissue. As the laser removes the damaged tissue, it automatically seals small blood vessels, cauterizing them and reducing side effects such as swelling and bleeding.

The laser energy helps sterilize areas treated, eliminating more of the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease. After treatment, your body is more able to fight the infection effectively.

Very little downtime is needed afterwards, and most people will feel perfectly well enough to return to work and normal activities the next day.

We provide precise instructions on caring for your gums to ensure your mouth remains clean and hygienic during healing. As your gums start to heal, they will begin to fit more snugly around your teeth, becoming stronger and healthier, so they bleed less frequently.

How safe is Laser Dentistry?

There’s no reason to be concerned. Laser Gum Therapy is very safe. Our high-quality laser is well-maintained, and Dr. Bentham is experienced in using this equipment, selecting the right wavelength for each procedure. As with all treatments provided by our dental office, we always take every precaution to ensure they are safe and appropriate.

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